September 22, 2020

The best Black Friday deals you can already get at Best Buy

Get a head start on Black Friday shopping at Best Buy.
Get a head start on Black Friday shopping at Best Buy. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Remember Black Friday back in the good ole’ days? When you had to lineup in the wee hours of the morning at Best Buy to be first in line when they opened their doors, in hopes to get a new TV at half the price? I think we can all be thankful that Black Friday has morphed into an online shopping holiday now too, but that doesn’t mean that the urgency of getting the best deals first is any lessened.

You can be sure that the hottest products of the year like Airpods Pro, the Nintendo Switch, the Sony Playstation 4, and the Apple Watch Series 4 are going to be gone in a flash. So it’s always a smart idea to scope out what you can get ahead of time, especially at huge retailers like Best Buy, who have already started slashing their prices in advance of the big day. Ahead, you’ll find our list of deals you don’t need to wait until Black Friday to get at Best Buy right now.


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